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First Time Buyer

Ailes Mortgages have Solutions to All Credit Situations

Ailes Mortgage Solutions Ltd can assist arrange your mortgage considering all your credit problems in the past, from a missed credit card payment through to more serious issues such as bankruptcy.​​​

Buying a home is the largest purchase you’re likely to make. Before you arrange your mortgage, make sure you know what you can afford to borrow. Get in touch with us to find out where to get a mortgage, the different types and how the process works.

A mortgage is a loan secured against your home. Your home may be
repossessed if you do not keep up payments on your mortgage.

We can Help with All Credit Situations

  • Low Credit Score

  • Missed Credit Card Payments

  • Defaults

  • CCJ’s

  • Debt Management

  • IVA

  • Bankruptcy

  • All Situations

First Time Buyer Mortgages arranged for all types of situations including:

  • First Time Buyer up to 95% LTV

  • Right to Buy up to 100% of the price

  • Shared Ownership up to 95% of share

  • Help to Buy with only 5% deposit

  • Gifted Deposit

How do I Get a First Time Buyer Mortgage?

  • Contact Us to discuss your situation

  • We will assess your Credit History

  • We quickly review lender options

  • We will give you a detailed quote of the best solution

  • Our expert team will guide you every step of the way

First Time Buyer Mortgages, some highlights:

  • Fixed Rates – get a fixed rate and have stability of payments (Subject to meeting your needs).

  • LTV – Borrow Up to 95% of the Property Price

  • Incomes – All Types of incomes can be used including Tax Credits

  • Deposit – this can be Gifted from a family member

  • Buying from family? – Use a discount as your deposit

  • Up to 4 Applicants with all income considered

Helping first-time buyers to get their foot on the property ladder and become an owner.

Ailes Mortgage Solutions is here for you to answer all your questions regarding any time of mortgages. Specially being a first-time buyer requires you to understand the process and pros and cons of buying a house, thus needing someone to support you throughout beyond the completion date.

We are here to support first-time buyers every step of the way; from working out how much you can borrow to explaining the application process.

Getting a mortgage for the first time can be a daunting experience. There are many factors that need to be considered such as, property prices, location, deposit and so on. First-time buyers overall have smaller deposits. Subsequently, the need to borrow more which limits the number of products and lenders available, as recently, some lenders have introduced new product ranges to help more people take their first step onto the property ladder. However, Coronavirus has impacted the whole housing market, hence, advisors needs to consider many options before recommending the product to our clients.

For many people, a mortgage is the largest investment they will ever make. So, it’s crucial that you speak to a Mortgage Broker who you can trust and have a great relationship with. In addition, the advisor needs to be able to search through the mortgage market to advise you on the best product available to best suits your needs.

First time buyers’ mortgage is a mortgage for people buying their first home with the help of a mortgage and have never owned a property before. Buying your first home is one of the most important and frightening decisions you will ever make, Thus, At Ailes Mortgage Solutions Limited we will make sure that you get all the support and guidance required in order to make the right choices.

Ailes Mortgage Solutions will assess your circumstances such as your income, deposit available, your credit history and any financial commitments you currently have as well as credit worthiness. Once assessed, we will advise on options and schemes available for you at the time. If mortgage is not deemed affordable for you, then advisor will advise you on the actions you must take in order qualify for a mortgage.

If a mortgage is not deemed affordable then your adviser can help with information on the various schemes available as well as options for using a guarantor or additional people on the mortgage.

Historically, lenders would use income multiples minus any financial commitments to assess affordability. Now lenders use their own affordability calculators and the difference between one lender, and another can vary significantly on what they will lend you.

First time buyers are very important to the mortgage market which is why there is so much help out there to assist people to get their first home. We will explain the fees you need to pay such as valuation fees, arrangement fees, broker fees and stamp duty. The type of rates available whether they are fixed, or variable fits your requirements. The types of repayment method available and best suited for your circumstances, however, but most likely a repayment mortgage will be advised in most case due to market conditions and diminishing of other repayment methods.

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